Our Services

Here at The Haven, we have a wide variety of specialities within the IT Department. From VoIP Solutions to Anti-Virus, we are ready to assist you in whatever way you need!

Voice-over IP (shortened as VoIP) is an amenity offered by 3CX. An affordable and flexible solution, which grants you phoning systems for you to stay connected and communicate with others in your business. The package also comes with video conferencing, which comes with various benefits.

Live Chat is also offered. This boosts customer interaction and satisfaction, due to being able to quickly speak with visitors on your website. You can also custom design your greeting depending on the time of day plus what page on your website they’re visiting. Linking to the phoning system and video system, you also have the option of giving visitors the ability to call or video from your website. We can also provide handsets, headsets speakers, call points and many other extensions to the VoIP System.

We at The Haven always think about our clients’ safety on the internet which is always our priority when it comes down to security.

We specialise in Cyber Security to make you feel safe, secure and comfortable whilst roaming the internet, we help you keep your files safe in an undisclosed location, password management and Anti-Virus solutions.

We have a more in-depth explanation of what we do with Cyber Security on our Cyber Security page!

IT Support is one of the main specialities in our business. As a business built around IT, this is crucial to our clients.

We at The Haven are here to help you with whatever you require, should that be password management, advice or even a solution to your broken printer! We are here to help you!

We have a more in-depth explanation of what we do with IT Support on our IT Support page!

Efficient cabling and cab tidying are vital for the upkeep of any business that will deal with them. Practical cabling and a tidy data cabinet are required to prevent health and safety risks, as besides being an eyesore if neglected, they can be dangerous.

Taking the time to tidy up your networking, whether it is loose cables or your data cabinet, can prove to be stressful which is why it’s always best to leave it to a professional. The Haven Data Services can take care of anything you’ve been meaning to get to.

We offer CCTV security for you because security isn’t just cyber, it’s that feeling of ease knowing you’ve got eyes on what counts, so stay on top of your site’s security with our CCTV solution. It works as an amazing disincentive towards those with malicious intent.


Our CCTV solutions have 4K quality and are fully coloured, even at pitch-black night. The NVRs have a 2TB standard storage space but can be upgraded to 14TB storage space. Cloud-based NVR is also available.

 There is remote viewing, being able to see through them from at base and at your PC. You’ll receive mobile alerts when your CCTV alerts a presence on the property, but these alerts are optional and can be turned off. There is a 12 Month Labour Warranty, and a 2 Year Hardware Warranty.