Cyber Security

Cyber Security is what stands between you and greatness, which is exactly why you and/or your workplace require great cyber security. With the constant possibility of threats leaving anyone vulnerable to attacks, cyber security’s core function is to prevent this from occurring and keep you (and your devices and services) safe from damage.

When it comes to cyber security, we at The Haven offer a multitude of options to ensure your protection. We can assess your security posture and firewall strength and form a plan that will look to improve on this with our help and recommendations. We can help form an action plan for any of your cyber security requirements so we can then further help you with everything you’ll need for improvements.

With the decision to pay monthly or annually, we will also manage your anti-virus and malware protection for you. This will cover all installations and/or processes on an ongoing basis. We will also take care of any updates or miscellaneous requirements that your anti-virus will need.

We can also protect you with the 3-2-1 Backup Rule in the case of a ransomware attack, hard drive disk failure, and even in the case of natural disasters. For this, we’ll create a primary backup and two copies of your data. We’ll then save your backups to two different types of media and keep at least one backup file offsite.

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