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Welcome to The Haven

We are an established and successful IT services provider (MSP) based in Manchester. At The Haven, we are proud of our company values and our customer focussed support, whilst providing a vibrant culture and a great place to work for all our colleagues.

Here at The Haven, we consult, plan, design, and enable everything that the world of IT and Technology can offer, from a 360-degree procurement service right the way through to end-of-life decommissioning, implementation of the latest technologies, securing your systems and infrastructure and managing your entire IT estate and cloud services.

We can implement a wide range of techologies to support your business and allow you the better use of IT to gain an advantage in your business sector.

Our IT solutions and services, infrastructure and IT estate management and cyber security services are provided by our personable, dedicated, determined and certified service delivery teams from our UK offices based in Manchester.

The Haven enables their clients to take charge of their digital transformation journey and implement the right technologies to give them a cutting edge advantage over their competitors whilst maintaining company continuity and maximising efficiency.

We currently provide support to the whole of the UK covering all of the different areas, we are based in Manchester and provide a very prompt, localised service in and around Greater Manchester, we support clients from all sectors and of all sizes and here at The Haven we put our clients first, starting with our company mission statement: Helping you to achieve your IT Greatness.

Our highly skilled and extremely friendly engineers provide Managed IT Services, Cyber Security Support and Unified Communications Systems to the below areas of Manchester and Greater Manchester and further afield; being a managed IT support company we are able to support clients all across the UK from their cyber security management, VoIP telephone systems, unified communication solutions and IT systems, thus giving you complete access to industry specialists that can help you align your company goals with your digital transformation, giving you a major advantage over most of your competitors.

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    Our Mission and our Vision

    We at The Haven want to help you achieve your IT Greatness. Not only this, but we envision ourselves to be the premier choice of IT Support across the North-West for all businesses and provide unparalleled customer service.

    Our Values

    We at The Haven have 7 core values for our business.

    Customer Focus

    Our clients choose to put their trust in us, and we focus all our attention on getting it right for them.


    To do what we do best, at a price that our clients are happy to pay.


    To do the best we can in all that we do and ensure that everything is quality certified


    Trust is the key to building our relationships, without trust; we cannot begin to succeed.


    We are committed to running the business with the planet in mind, reducing our waste, recycling everything we can, and reusing as much as possible.


    To constantly improve everything we can, when we can, including our personal knowledge.


    To have personality both whilst working together and with our clients, and promoting an exceptional work life balance, working to live, not living to work.

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