Unified Communications

Here at The Haven Data Services, we specialise in Unified Communication. We help businesses communicate with their team in more effective ways!

What is Voice over Internet Protocol?

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a new iteration of the phone system. Cutting away from analogue phones and bringing in new digital systems; call costs are reduced, management is made much simpler, and access to the phone system is made globally available, meaning you can be in the office even when you’re out of the office!

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a form of VoIP Solution that you should use for your business. This software allows you to create channels for your team and create different team groups for each department!

These channels can be separated into Marketing or General: General is for the global chat where all your employees can talk to each other normally! Whereas the Marketing channel would be for marketing-related topics only.

This software is great for organisational purposes and key communication between your departments! As a partner to Microsoft, The Haven can give you this software at a lower price!


Another solution to VoIP is 3CX, which you can also access with your mobile phone! With 3CX, you are able to call your team through your PC and it allows you to use its set-up like a mobile phone (without physically picking up your PC of course)! But if you want, you can also download 3CX to your phone and you can use it just like a normal phone system!