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In this blogpost, we will cover what VoIP Phones and what VoIP Phone Systems are! This will give you a greater understanding about how businesses are utilising this technology!

What is a VoIP phone?

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The land of the internet has formed the creation of various companies, software and websites. Whilst the vast majority of these are helpful, there are some negative ones you’d want to avoid. In this post we’ll be looking over helpful software and expansions to make internet surfing even easier than before. These can be helpful for every individual, or can be used for businesses, corporations or anyone relying on the importance of the internet for everyday life. 

As with anything, there is always the concern of price. You don’t want to be going out of your way or bankrupting yourself to make your life easier. Everything explained today will be completely free, with only a select few having optional paid features. Some will even play a passive part of your everyday life, such as saving log-in details for each website or keeping track of your work for each day. Either way, we’re positive these may help you in some way.

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    Do you make a call in the same way you would on another phone?

    Well, there is something first, but it simply consists of you entering a string of digits before you dial the number you’re trying to call, And this string of digits is a number assigned to you when you sign up for a VoIP device.

    Can you use a VoIP phone like you would any other? Well, yes. A VoIP phone offers the same core service that a regular phone does.

    What about cost? Well, it is actually free to sign up in the beginning. However, for more ‘premium’ features, such as video conferencing, there is a fee you have to pay. But signing up for free includes VoIP calls to anywhere in the world. 
    And if you are worrying about the safety of VoIP numbers, they are very secure even as security threats continue to evolve. It has been through over two decades worth of penetration testing and has endured. So, yes, VoIP numbers are indeed safe.

      Here is what we do at the Haven...

      Well, here at the Haven we use 3CX, a software-based. private branch exchange based on the SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) standard. It is free with valid maintenance for one year! It is a solid VoIP solution for an ordinary team or company that offers all features and functionality you would need while aspects such as installation and maintenance are simple. Sipgate is one of our internet providers, a VoIP provider that offers a free basic phone number so you can be reached on more than one device at once, all of your connected devices will ring in parallel. Our other provider is IDNet, a leading technology driven internet services and communications provider delivering high performance data and telecoms solutions for homes, businesses, blue chip corporations and government agencies in the UK.

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      I hope you have found it insightful, and if you want any more information or to discuss anything further, please feel free to drop us an email or a call and we can arrange a chat.

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      Thank you for reading, I hope you have found it insightful, and if you want any more information or to discuss anything further, please feel free to drop us an email or a call and we can arrange a chat.

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