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In today’s blog post we will be covering antivirus software. We’ll explain why you need it in the first place, what it actually is, how it works and outline the many benefits of having such software on your computer network particularly if you are a business owner, small or otherwise.

Why do we need Anti-Virus Software?

It is designed to detect and remove viruses and other kinds of malicious software from your computer or laptop. It protects against malware and cyber criminals in order to prevent a devastating cyber attack. Therefore, it is important you always use antivirus software and keep it up to date to protect your data and devices. It is an essential piece of kit. If you leave your device open to malware and malicious network traffic you could be victim to data theft, hardware failure, catastrophic failure of computers and computer networks or a dramatic slowdown which is all without visible damage. And it is for that reason we always need antivirus software in place, to make sure you are always protected because it can be hard to notice if you have been a victim due to a lack of visual evidence and after it has already happened it is already too late. Without an antivirus software it is virtually impossible to identify and remove infected files even for experts and you are leaving yourself wide open for a vicious cyber attack.

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    What is Anti-Virus Software?

    Antivirus software protects your computer network from malware such as computer viruses. Antivirus software not only prevents infection but can remove malware that has already made its way onto your system. This software acts as the perfect protection as it prevents, scans, detects and deletes viruses from a computer. It runs automatically in the background to provide continuous real time protection. A good example of antivirus software is Bitdefender.

    How does Anti-Virus Software work?

    Heuristic based detection uses an algorithm to compare signatures of known viruses against potential threats. With heuristic based detection. antivirus software can detect viruses that haven’t been discovered yet as well as already existing viruses that have been disguised or modified and released as new viruses.

    Benefits of Anti-Virus Software

    First and absolute foremost, with antivirus software you have protection from malware such as computer viruses and their transmission and in turn you have protection against data theft. Antivirus software also blocks spam and ads. This can help eliminate any potential trap you could fall into as you could click a harmful ad or link from a spam email which allows a virus onto your computer. This potential event is removed by antivirus software as it blocks them so they don’t even reach you. It provides defence against hackers and data thieves that are becoming even more common, and even more so throughout the pandemic. The NHS are amongst those that have been hacked which would make a small business like the one you may have, an easy target needing protection. Antivirus software also ensures protection from removable devices. This may include discs or USB drives which could contain something harmful for your computer. Antivirus software can also supercharge your PC. It also offers firewall protection from spyware and phishing attacks, again protecting you on email while overall acting as a barrier between your private network and the internet available to the public. Finally, anti-virus software also of course protects all your data and files ensuring nothing is stolen or harmed.

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