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Helpful Software for Healthy Support

In this blogpost, we will cover what softwares can be used for healthy workplace support! This will give you a greater understanding about how businesses are utilising these softwares!


The land of the internet has formed the creation of various companies, software and websites. Whilst the vast majority of these are helpful, there are some negative ones you’d want to avoid. In this post we’ll be looking over helpful software and expansions to make internet surfing even easier than before. These can be helpful for every individual, or can be used for businesses, corporations or anyone relying on the importance of the internet for everyday life. 

As with anything, there is always the concern of price. You don’t want to be going out of your way or bankrupting yourself to make your life easier. Everything explained today will be completely free, with only a select few having optional paid features. Some will even play a passive part of your everyday life, such as saving log-in details for each website or keeping track of your work for each day. Either way, we’re positive these may help you in some way.

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    Slack is a communications platform for businesses’ with a focus on IRC features. With a layout similar to Discord, Slack has chat rooms (organized by topic), private groups and direct messaging as well as the ability to connect other applications to it, such as Jira or Trello. 

    Created from the remnants of an online video game by the company Tiny Speck, Slack launched in August of 2013. Over the years, the layout, security and integrational technology surrounding Slack have been updated and polished to the helpful software that it is today. 

    For a more professional IRC based platform, Slack is the one to go with. It’ll help keep you connected with work and colleagues, in and outside of your hours. It’s also accessible with your mobile phone too, so you can keep up with anything you need whilst on the go too.

    Slack is absolutely free, although there are price plans that offer you more benefits on a monthly or yearly basis. These are for larger teams, businesses’ or enterprises and offer you a larger message history, unlimited apps and integrations, more storage per member and a lot more.

      This extension describes itself as an auto-pilot for all passwords, and that is exactly what it does. Generating strong passwords whilst keeping them under multifactor authentication with information only you’d know, reassuring you that your information will stay safe.

      As an extra measure for this safety, under the sudden hypothetical that a site you have information with (such as a password) is breached, LastPass will let you know immediately if any occurrence of this nature has happened so you can change it as fast as you can.

      LastPass isn’t anything that should be restricted to work, it’s something that you should use everyday. For work, streaming services, social media and everything else in between. To get the best use of this, you should also update these passwords at least once a month.

      LastPass is free and offers you a multitude of benefits, but there are premium plan options for families, teams or businesses’ that would require to share these passwords and information. Of course, these will grant you more benefits but are completely optional. 

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      This is a software that relates to everything regarding time tracking, time sheets and time tables. According to their website, the aim of this is to boost productivity, manage your work team and increase business intelligence. It also gives you the ability to bill clientele.

      Clockify allows you to use it from the web, but also has a mobile and desktop application to download for easiness. The software is constantly updating with brand new features, and always shows you what they’re working on adding as well as what they’re planning to add.

      More features that Clockify offers are the ability to schedule work, shifts, leaves and holidays, track invoices and expenses, check worker activity and visited sites, keep a track on budgets, update your calender regularly and be ahead of the curve.

      The software is absolutely free, too. Allowing you unlimited users, tracking and projects. There are optional paid plans that grant you more benefits, based on if you are using it for administration, timesheeting and billing, productivity and profit or control and security.

        Jira is a software released by Atlassian, with the intent of bug tracking and agile project management. It is offered to you in four packages to choose from. Work Management is for “generic project managing”, and Align is for “strategic products and portfolio management”.

         Software includes “the basic software with the project management features”, and Service Management is intended for “use by IT operations or business service” desks. Although it is free for teams of ten and under, the price of a team of ten plus varies on the package.

        Jira has a multitude of uses that will help you, especially if you’re a part of a business, with everyday life. It is also one of the various Atlassian software’s that will connect to Slack so you have that ease of quickly checking Jira if you use Slack quite often.

        If you are thinking that Jira is something useful for you in any capacity, it is highly recommended that you take a look at Atlassian’s other software as you’d likely also find it useful considering they develop multiple products for software users.

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        At the end of the day, helpful software is vital for healthy support on the internet. Not everyone can do everything that these things can, and every person is bound to make mistakes whether they intend to or not. Having software and extensions such as these ones can prevent anything of that nature from happening. We hope anything you read today interests you in looking to make your life a lot easier.

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