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In today’s blog post we will beexplaining firewalls and how effective they can be for you. We also take you through examples such as a product that we at The Haven re-sell!

Photo by Tobias Rademacher on Unsplash
Photo by Tobias Rademacher on Unsplash

What is a firewall?

Firewalls, they’re a kind of security device designed to protect your network. It can be hardware or software and it filters traffic and blocks outsiders from unauthorised access in order to protect you. This then keeps all your personal, private data safe, therefore firewalls are like literal walls against dangers such as actual fires that could be dangerous and destructive if given the chance to roam. So, a firewall acts as security, that digital wall to prevent those ‘fires’. However, it isn’t a complete brick wall as it can filter data so as to allow trusted data to get through it. Firewalls are used typically by businesses but can be used by anyone. Some notable examples of firewalls are Bitdefender BOX, Cisco ASA 5500-X and Fortinet FortiGate

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    What is Fortigate?

    FortiGate is an example of a firewall that you could use to protect your network. It is a next generation firewall and is purpose built with security processers to enable the industry’s best threat protection and performance. It has a granular view of applications, users and IOT devices therefore ensuring, as designed, this security identifies issues quickly and intuitively. A test by NSS Labs resulted in a 99.3% security effectiveness rating and the best value among all the products the firm tested. FortiGate fulfills all the basic needs of a firewall as it protects users from threats and more. FortiGate is installed as a gateway or router between two networks which in most cases is between a private network and the Internet. This therefore allows the FortiGate to hide the IP addresses of the private network, it does this through using Network Address Translation (NAT).

    How does it work?

    There are three types of firewalls that are used by companies: Packet filters (analyses outgoings and incomings), Stateful inspection (examines traffic streams from end to end) and Proxy server Firewalls (masks IP address and limits traffic types). Firewalls scan what are known as packets, which are blocks of data, the traffic coming and going from youre network. Firewalls scan this to identify threats that could be malicious and/or an attack. And this filtration protects your networks and all your data.

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    How does it work?

    Firewalls such as FortiGate are proven to be effective and have been tested for this which helps prove their effectiveness. They are speedy and do not slow down systems. Leaving them on is an extra layer of protection for your network. They monitor network traffic for unauthorised access and stops virus attacks which keeps safe your personal, private data from these destructive ‘fires’.


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