Endpoint Detection & Response

What is Endpoint Detection and Response?

Endpoint Detection and Response, abbreviated as EDR, is a unified, layered approach to endpoint protection that unites real-time consistent monitoring and endpoint data analytics with a rule-based automated response.

The Importance of Endpoint Detection & Response Security

As remote work becomes more common, strong endpoint security is an ever-increasing vital component of any organisation’s cybersecurity strategy. Deploying an effective EDR security solution is essential to protect both the business and the employee from cyber threats.

EDR is designed to go beyond detection-based, reactive cyber defence. Instead, it provides security analysts with the tools that they need to proactively identify threats and protect the organisation. EDR provides a number of features that improve the organisation’s ability to manage cybersecurity risk, such as:

  • Improved visibility, which is caused by EDR security solutions that perform continuous data collection and analytics, and a report to a single, centralised system. This provides a security team with full view into the state of the network’s endpoints from a single console.
  • Rapid investigations should be undertaken as EDR solutions are designed to automate data collection and processing, and also contains certain response activities. This enables a security team to rapidly gain context regarding a potential security incident and quickly take steps to remediate it.
  • Remediation Automation, which means that EDR solutions can automatically perform incident response activities based upon predefined rules. This enables them to block or rapidly remediate certain incidents and reduces the load on security analysts.
  • And lastly, Contextualised Threat Hunting; which means that EDR solutions’ continuous data collection and analysis provide deep visibility into an endpoint’s status. This allows threat hunters to identify and investigate potential signs of an existing virus.

Why EDR is absolutely crucial

Endpoint has always been a crucial part of a company’s cybersecurity strategy. While network-based defences are effective at preventing a high percentage of cyber attacks, some will slip through and others (such as malware) can bypass these defences entirely. An endpoint-based defence solution enables a company to implement defence in depth and increase its probability of identifying and responding to these threats.

However, the importance of strong endpoint protection has grown as companies increasingly support remote working. Employees working from home may not be protected against cyber threats to the same degree as remote workers and may be using personal devices or ones that lack the latest updates and security patches. Additionally, employees working in a more casual environment may be more casual about their cybersecurity as well.

All of these factors expose the organisation and its employees to additional cybersecurity risks. This makes strong endpoint security essential since it protects the employee from infection and can stop cybercriminals from using a worker’s computer as a stepping stone to attack the company’s network.

Check Point’s advanced endpoint protection solution is a broad security solution for companies operating in a new “work from home” reality with remote employees. It provides protection against the most imminent threats to the endpoints with instant and full rectification, even in offline mode, including ransomware and other malware.

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